october 2016 young living promo

October Promos from Young Living!

Better late than never, right? What with Hurricane Matthew, and my recent trip to San Antonio for Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success seminar (I’ll be blogging or podcasting about that soon), i just didn’t have the time to get this post up–so my apologies!!

October promos from Young Living are out of this world. My box was HUGE this month, full of so many freebies I could barely count them all!! And for the first time ever, Young Living is now offering a freebie at the 100PV level if you order through Essential Rewards!! Read more about October Promos from Young Living!

Knitting Can Change the World

How Knitting Can Change You…and the World

….so you sit down with a set of knitting needles, some gorgeous yarn, a pattern from Ravelry and you begin to knit. Maybe you have an audio book on, maybe just some Bob Dylan on Pandora. It’s an easy pattern, nothing too complicated or fancy and as the moments pass, your mind empties. You stop thinking about your work, the laundry you have yet to fold, the worrisome fib your child just told you, the argument you had with your spouse that morning.  You just sit and knit, row after neat and tidy row. Your hands are working independently of your mind– you’ve done this pattern before. Knit, knit, purl..knit, knit, purl…A satisfying 4 rows are completed on your sock/blanket/sweater/scarf. It looks so pretty. You made that! Read more about How Knitting Can Change You…and the World

triclosan in toothpaste

Triclosan in Toothpaste…Say What?!

You may have read recently that the FDA banned the use of the anti-bacterial ingredient triclosan in hand and body soaps. That’s the ingredient in all those “anti-bacterial” soaps that line the shelves of your grocery and drug store. In addition to triclosan, many other anti-bacterial ingredients were banned. However, the use of triclosan and related chemicals is still allowed in other personal care products, including toothpaste, deodorant, pencils, acne medication and more.  Read more about Triclosan in Toothpaste…Say What?!

hydrogen water

Should We All Be Drinking Hydrogen-Infused Water?

Oh yay. Another health fad. “Hydrogen-infused water”? Sounds like something a corporate executive thought up while high at Burning Man, right? Actually, it’s a real thing–and could be beneficial to your health. Scientists have been studying the benefits of hydrogen-infused water for about a decade now, and the result  are intriguing. Read more about Should We All Be Drinking Hydrogen-Infused Water?

Win a Free Garmin Vivosmart

Win a Free Garmin fitness tracker!! And Free Thieves Laundry Soap!

These are such cool little gadgets!! I will be raffling off one Garmin Vivosmart to any member of my Young Living team who signs up for Essential Rewards this month!!! Not yet a member of Young Living? Join in September and get a free 64 oz bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap with your order!!

The drawing for the Garmin Vivosmart fitness tracker will be held on October 1st, and the only requirement is that you are:

  1. A member of my YL Team. Not yet a member? Join me here! And sign up for Essential Rewards at the same time!
  2. Enrolled in Essential Rewards for the first time sometime between September 1 and September 30th!

Read more about Win a Free Garmin fitness tracker!! And Free Thieves Laundry Soap!

Are Cage Free Eggs Better?

Are “Cage Free” Eggs Better? aka Don’t Trust that Label

There are a dizzying array of egg carton labels in the supermarket these days: cage-free, organic, vegetarian, all-natural, antibiotic-free, free range and more. Are “Cage Free” eggs better? What do all these labels actually mean? Can you trust them? And is there such a thing as a truly humanely produced egg? Read more about Are “Cage Free” Eggs Better? aka Don’t Trust that Label

September 2016 Young Living Promo

Young Living Promo September 2016

So the Young Living promo for September 2016 was just released this morning, and it’s a great one! I have been dying to try Ortho-Ease, so I am going to attempt to hit 300 PV…my back and hips would benefit for sure! And for those of you who are wondering why I look so different than my photo in the sidebar…I stopped coloring my hair (bleach was killing too many brain cells) and got bangs…need to update that darn headshot! LOL. This promo applies only to current Young Living Wholesale Members. If you aren’t a Wholesale Member but would like to become one, check out the special Young Living is offering at the bottom of the page! Read more about Young Living Promo September 2016