Young Living April 2018 Promotion

Another great promotion from Young Living!!! I am excited as I just ran out of the Tea Tree Oil, and have been using it for a weird skin thing that no dermatologist could pinpoint….and the Tea Tree is helping! I think it might be candida, but regardless, essential oils to the rescue again! 

So let’s break down this graphic a little bit.

First off, unless you are on Essential Rewards, the promos don’t kick in until you purchase at least 190 PV worth of product. (This means you’re buying your products via Quick Order. Even if you ARE an Essential Rewards member, if you purchase your products via Quick Order, you will NOT see the ER benefits).

At 190 PV, you get 15 ml of Tea Tree Oil–yay Tea Tree Oil! At 250 PV, you get a set of Dryer Balls and Tea Tree Oil. And at 300 PV, you get Allerzyme, the Dryer Ball set and the 15-ml of Tea Tree Oil. Great right?

But now let’s analyze what would happen if you were an Essential Rewards member. First off, your gifts will begin at 100 PV, not 190. By purchasing 100 PV worth of products via Essential Rewards, you will get a free 5-ml bottle of Basil Vitality. Then, at 190 PV, you’ll not only get the Tea Tree Oil, but you will get the 5-ml bottle of Basil and a 15-ml bottle of Fennel. At 250 PV, you’ll get all the listed items PLUS a set of Dryer Balls.  And at 300 PV, throw in the Allerzyme. Amazing! By the way, Allerzyme promotes healthy digestion and is a wonderful addition to your daily routine. Love it.

Check out the graphic below to understand better what being on Essential Rewards really means. Look at all the savings! Remember, ordering via Essential Rewards means you will not only get more free products than if you ordered via Quick Order, you will also accrue PV to spend in the store!!! So…more free products! Woot!

If you have any questions about Essential Rewards or Quick Order, just shoot me at email at Happy to help 🙂






Post Author: Hillary