Back to School Essential Oils

Back-To-School Essential Oils: My Toolkit

Back-to-School Essential Oils: my must-haves for my students

So for the very first time in the history of their lives, my two children, aged 11 and 14, are attending bricks-and-mortar schools–that’s “real school” to all you non-homeschooling folk. They’ve been homeschooled since the beginning (of time, it sometimes felt like…) and both expressed a desire to attend school, so here we are. I’ve put together a back-to-school essential oils kit that I keep separate from my other oils so I can easily grab them when I need them, so check it out below. Read more about Back-To-School Essential Oils: My Toolkit

top ten uses for frankincense

Ten Uses for Frankincense Oil. You NEED This Oil!

Could frankincense essential oil be the most important and versatile essential oil in your collection? What are the uses of frankincense oil? Frankincense is one of the most ancient medicinal remedies known to man. It has a fascinating history in many religions, particularly Christianity, where it was believed to have been given as a gift to Jesus by the wise men. It is considered by many to be a particularly uplifting and clarifying oil. Read more about Ten Uses for Frankincense Oil. You NEED This Oil!

Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Essential Oils Diffuser Reviews

There are so many essential oils diffusers on the market today. It feels like everyone and their grandma is marketing diffusers. It can be really hard for a newbie to know which diffusers work the best (and last the longest!) This essential oil aromatherapy diffusers review will hopefully clarify the picture a little bit, and help guide you in what features you should look for when purchasing an essential oil diffuser.

Types of Diffusers

The following contain some affiliate links, which means I make a few cents if you click the link and buy the products. It do (1)The most common aromatherapy diffusers are cold mist aromatherapy diffusers and nebulizing diffusers. They range in cost from about $20 to almost $300. Each type works on very similar principles, so your first step is to decide whether you want a cold mist diffuser (the most common and less expensive) or a nebulizing diffuser (more expensive but better for larger rooms). Read more about Essential Oils Diffuser Reviews

Zika Virus in America? The Most Effective Natural Mosquito Repellent!

The Zika virus, primarily spread through mosquito bites, has been popping up all over the news lately.  There have been concerns, too, that the Zika Virus is coming to America.  Do natural mosquito repellents work or are they as effective as DEET? A bit about Zika: Zika is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito (only Aedes species mosquito (A. aegypti and A. albopictus) are carriers) as well as through an infected man to his sexual partners. While there are as yet no reported cases of Zika transmission in the United States,  The New York Times has recently reported that US officials believe it is only a matter of time before the first US case appears.

The CDC has confirmed a natural mosquito repellent that works, and is just as effective, as DEET and I decided to investigate. Read more about Zika Virus in America? The Most Effective Natural Mosquito Repellent!

Essential Oils to Boost the Immune System!

Summer is a fantastic time to boost the immune system and detox naturally with essential oils. Our bodies are inundated with toxins from cosmetics, household cleaning products, genetically modified foods, chemically-laced drinks and processed foods. Not to mention the air pollutants!

There are side effects of these toxins, whether we recognize their origin or not:  fatigue, digestive issues, low immunity, hormone disruptions, chronic unexplained illnesses, fertility and menstrual issues, migraines, depression and anxiety. Read more about Essential Oils to Boost the Immune System!

nutritional drink supplements

The Best Nutritional Drink Supplement? Yum!

I have been drinking 2 ounces of  Ningxia Red Whole Body Infusion for 30 days (ETA: it’s been 6 months now) and I’ve decided it’s definitely one of the best nutritional drink supplements I’ve used. My energy had been super low due to a variety of factors, and I decided to give this nutritional supplement a try in hopes it would help me out. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought the ingredients looked great.  As someone who has be REALLY. CAREFUL. about what she eats due to a chronic illness, the ingredients are clean and don’t affect my body negatively in any way. And it’s low in sugar!

Read more about The Best Nutritional Drink Supplement? Yum!