september 2017 Young Living promo

September 2017 Young Living Promo–WOW!

Check out these amazing goodies from Young Living! Remember, you get the items pictured for FREE if you purchase the requisite amount of product–so if you want the Peace & Calming (yes, please!) you need to spend 190 PV (usually equivalent to dollar value, but be sure to double-check your cart before checking out!). And you need to be on Essential Rewards to some of the products in the picture, so join Essential Rewards if you want those!

September 2017 Young Living Promotion

Oregano Vitality (spend 100pv – Essential Rewards Members only)

Oregano Vitality is wonderful to use to flavor your food! You can also take it as as an immune support oil (check out this NIH study for more information)  Remember, it takes much less oil to flavor food than using a dried herb/spice.

Thieves Vitality (spend 190pv – Essential Rewards Members only)

Thieves Vitality is wonderful for supporting the immune system, respiratory system, and overall wellness. It smells AMAZING and it is, I believe, Young Living’s best-selling oil blend. Superb for the flu season and to diffuse at night as your kids’ are returning to school and getting exposed to all sorts of icky germs.

Peace & Calming (spend 190pv – Non-ER and ER members)

Peace & Calming is just. the. bomb. In fact, it’s so popular that usually YL members are only allowed to purchase no more than three bottles a month, and it goes out of stock FAST. It contains Ylang ylang, geranium, orange, tangerine and blue tansy.

Inner Defense (spend 250pv – Non-ER and ER members)

Inner Defense is a liquid softgel of essential oils and blends (Thieves, oregano, thyme, and lemongrass) that are fantastic for immune support. These capsules also:

– combat yeast and fungus
– help digestion
– support the respiratory system

Cool Azul

Cool Azul is a recent addition to Young Living and fantstic for anyone with joint and muscle pains.

How do I get them?

These promotions are available to Young Living essential oil members who place qualifying orders in the month of September.

  • A 100 PV Essential Rewards order gets the free oregano vitality (PV = Product Volume and is usually the same as the dollar amount, but not always so double check! Essential Rewards is Young Living’s rewards program)
  • A 190 PV ER order gets the oregano vitality, Peace & Calming, and Thieves vitality (190 PV orders that are NOT ER orders get the Peace & Calming only, not the oregano or Thieves)
  • A 250 PV ER order gets everything listed above plus Inner Defense
  • A 300 PV ER order will get everything listed above plus Cool Azul

If you have any questions, or if you would like to join Young Living and get 24% of your orders for an entire year, please visit my information page.

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