october 2016 young living promo

October Promos from Young Living!

Better late than never, right? What with Hurricane Matthew, and my recent trip to San Antonio for Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success seminar (I’ll be blogging or podcasting about that soon), i just didn’t have the time to get this post up–so my apologies!!

October promos from Young Living are out of this world. My box was HUGE this month, full of so many freebies I could barely count them all!! And for the first time ever, Young Living is now offering a freebie at the 100PV level if you order through Essential Rewards!!

Here’s what they’re offering for October:

young living october 2016 promo


A New Reward Level at 100 PV

A free bottle of 5ml Lavender Essential oil (through your essential reward purchase only) of 100 PV or more.

190 PV Level Freebies

**5-ml Palo Santo.

**5-ml Lavender ER exclusive

**5-ml Clove ER exclusive

Are those “ER exclusive” tags confusing you? Here’s the deal:  If you do a regular (also known as Quick Order) of 190 PV you will only receive the Palo Santo. If you order the same amount via Essential Rewards you will get all 3 oils. (See why I’ve been trying to convince you all to join Essential Rewards? It’s SUCH an amazing deal.)

Value:  $70.39

250 PV Level Freebies

All of the freebies of the 100PV level PLUS

**a Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray.

Valued at $81.25

300 PV Level Freebies

All of the above freebies PLUS

**a 14.4 oz. Thieves Household Cleaner

**New Zealand Wool Dryer ball set that includes a 5-ml bottle Lavender oil.

Valued at $147.39

So What Exactly Are All These Goodies?

Palo Santo essential oil has an refreshing fragrance with a woodsy undertone which is great to use during the winter months.  It can also be used topically.  The Palo Santo tree belongs to the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh and has been used spiritually for many years.

Clove essential oil is the perfect scent as we approach winter–it reminds me of the apple cider spiked with cloves that I loved as a child at Christmas. It contains high levels of eugenol and should be used with a carrier oil when applied topically.

Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray is a GREAT way to clean your veggies before consuming. thieves-ppt17_grande

After NingXia Red, the Thieves Household Cleaner is the Young Living product I will NEVER run out of–it is that important to me. It has replaced all of my cleaners in the house — yes, ALL OF THEM. I love the scent, I love the way it cleans (even stainless steel) and this is a super gift from Young Living. Just add a capful to an 16 oz spray bottle and fill with water and you’re ready to tackle any mess!


New Zealand Dryer Balls with Lavender! For those of you who read my post on dryer sheets, this is EXACTLY what I recommend to replace those nasty chemicalized sheets–and the smell is divine! How amazing that this product is included in your box!


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