November 2016 Young Living Promotion!

It’s that time again–the first of the month! Which means one thing–Young Living has released their monthly promo. You know, I look forward to this every month; I LOVE seeing what freebies Young Living is going to be giving away and this month, I am definitely not disappointed, because my absolute, numero uno, most loved, must-have-on-the-shelf oil is being offered…for FREE! And not once, but twice!!!

november 2016 young living promotionSo what does this mean?

Spend just 100 PV on your Essential Rewards order, and you’ll get a 5 ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality absolutely FREE. Remember, you MUST PLACE this order as an ER order–if you are not on ER, you can easily join by calling Young Living with your Member ID and 4-digit pin. If you ARE a member of Essential Rewards and would like to receive this promo, do NOT place a Quick Order–click the Essential Rewards button and click Change Order and add at least 100PV to your Cart.

Spend 190 PV on your order, and you will get 5-ml of the AMAZING Christmas Spirit oil, and if you order on Essential Rewards (NOT as a Quick Order) you will get 20 extra PV points to spend on product AND a 5-ml Peppermint Vitality.

Spend 250 PV on your order, and you will get 15-ml of Frankincense and 5-ml of Christmas Spirit. Order as an Essential Rewards order, and you will ALSO get 20 extra PV points in your account to spend on product and a  5-ml bottle of Peppermint Oil.

arrowCHECK IT OUT: The REALLY AMAZING give-aways happen at the 300 PV level. Order 300 PV worth of product and you will get 5-ml of Sacred Frankincense (OMG have I wanted to try this FOREVER? Yes.), 5-ml of Myrrh, 15-ml of ‘regular’ Frankincense and 5-ml of Christmas Spirit. If you order as part of Essential Rewards, you will ALSO get 20 extra PV to spend and a 5-ml bottle of Peppermint oil. You know I’ve talked about Frankincense on my blog before, and if you’ve attended any of my workshops, you know that I will NEVER be without it.

What’s the difference between Sacred Frankincense and plain ol’ Frankincense? Young Living covers this extensively on their blog.  Basically, Frankincense is known for its skin-rejuvenating properties and its calming ability. Sacred Frankincense is, well…sacred. It should primarily be diffused during meditation, prayer or other inward-looking activities.

Frankincense and Myrhh, both free gifts if you purchase 300 PV of product, are integral oils in the Christian Bible, and are so very appropriate as we approach this holiday season.

Which freebies are you most excited about this month??

Post Author: Hillary