On ecofriendlygirl.com,¬†I will be discussing ways to choose eco-friendly food options that support your health AND the planet. From GMOs to pesticides, chemicals to food coloring, food today is not always…FOOD! It’s often just a chemical agglomeration labeled as food by corporations…and you definitely need to do your research to make sure you’re making the best choices. That’s where ecofriendlygirl.com comes into play–I’ve done the research for you!

How to Avoid Chemicals in Food

Avoiding chemicals in food and choosing foods that are organic, healthy and without¬†genetically-modified ingredients has become more and more difficult in this age of processed Pop-tarts and so-called “healthy” yogurts. Here, I will not only try to provide a bit of an education on eating a healthy, eco-friendly diet, but I will also share my favorite healthy food items and help you learn to avoid chemicals in food.

Toxic Laden Treats

Some people have come to the conclusion that since it’s SO hard to choose healthy foods, they might as well give up. Daily it seems there is contradictory information coming out from the “experts” on what it means to eat well: high fat, low fat, meat, no meat, wine, no wine, ‘coffee is good for heart health” and “coffee causes ulcers” . I am here to simplify and clarify all that for you, so you don’t have to.

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