Knitting Can Change the World

How Knitting Can Change You…and the World

….so you sit down with a set of knitting needles, some gorgeous yarn, a pattern from Ravelry and you begin to knit. Maybe you have an audio book on, maybe just some Bob Dylan on Pandora. It’s an easy pattern, nothing too complicated or fancy and as the moments pass, your mind empties. You stop thinking about your work, the laundry you have yet to fold, the worrisome fib your child just told you, the argument you had with your spouse that morning.  You just sit and knit, row after neat and tidy row. Your hands are working independently of your mind– you’ve done this pattern before. Knit, knit, purl..knit, knit, purl…A satisfying 4 rows are completed on your sock/blanket/sweater/scarf. It looks so pretty. You made that! Read more about How Knitting Can Change You…and the World

Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

Accepting yourself for who you are can be really…challenging.  There are constant pressures from society, from family, from friends to be someone you are not. And it can be hard to hear that quiet inner voice that is truly you, because that’s the real voice you should be listening to. And only by listening to that inner voice can you begin to accept yourself for who you truly are. Read more about Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

Become Your Authentic Self

Become Your Authentic Self

What does it mean to become your authentic self…to find your true self? How can you even become something if you don’t know what it is, and aren’t even sure it exists? You need to ask yourself from a place of complete honesty: are you living your truth?

Do you believe that you are fundamentally good and deserving of love, respect and kindness?  Oh, this is a tough one: love yourself. In a world where self-improvement mantras lurk in every magazine article, every selfie and every book on ‘being the best you can be”, sometimes I wonder where self-acceptance and love comes into play. So you get pissed off sometimes! Your nose will never look like Cindy Crawford’s! You just. don’t. like. foreign. movies. Accept that you have 10 pounds that you’d (one day) like to lose  (or not). Accept who you are right now, and forgive yourself for all your constant admonishments to better yourself.
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how to live a simpler life

How to Live a Simpler Life Part 1

One of the simpler ways to help the environment as well as your mental sanity is to opt out of the buying game, the stress game and the ‘getting-ahead’ game. Here are some tricks on how to live a simpler life, and why you should give it a try.

Living a Simpler Life Helps the Environment

Choosing to consciously slow down your purchasing is the first tenet of environmentalism–the REDUCE in reduce-reuse-recycle. Those tenets are listed in order of importance, so as much as we might like to think of ourselves as environmentally-friendly because we recycle our mounds of cardboard and plastic and bottles each week, the truth is that unless we make a conscious effort to REDUCE our consumption levels, we won’t be making the positive impact on the planet, and on our health, that we could be. Read more about How to Live a Simpler Life Part 1