Can inflammation cause depression

Inflammation Is A Cause of Depression. What Causes Inflammation?

Recent studies in psychiatry have demonstrated that inflammation is a contributing factor in mental depression (Maes, Giorgian-Lavialle et al and Kohler et al). And the connection between the body’s immune system and the individual’s mental state is just beginning to be explored in books like Gut. This theory states that a wayward immune system is actually causing inflammation in the body, which in turn leads to depression. Read more about Inflammation Is A Cause of Depression. What Causes Inflammation?

November 2016 Young Living Promotion!

It’s that time again–the first of the month! Which means one thing–Young Living has released their monthly promo. You know, I look forward to this every month; I LOVE seeing what freebies Young Living is going to be giving away and this month, I am definitely not disappointed, because my absolute, numero uno, most loved, must-have-on-the-shelf oil is being offered…for FREE! And not once, but twice!!! Read more about November 2016 Young Living Promotion!

october 2016 young living promo

October Promos from Young Living!

Better late than never, right? What with Hurricane Matthew, and my recent trip to San Antonio for Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success seminar (I’ll be blogging or podcasting about that soon), i just didn’t have the time to get this post up–so my apologies!!

October promos from Young Living are out of this world. My box was HUGE this month, full of so many freebies I could barely count them all!! And for the first time ever, Young Living is now offering a freebie at the 100PV level if you order through Essential Rewards!! Read more about October Promos from Young Living!

Triclosan in Toothpaste…Say What?!

You may have read recently that the FDA banned the use of the anti-bacterial ingredient triclosan in hand and body soaps. That’s the ingredient in all those “anti-bacterial” soaps that line the shelves of your grocery and drug store. In addition to triclosan, many other anti-bacterial ingredients were banned. However, the use of triclosan and related chemicals is still allowed in other personal care products, including toothpaste, deodorant, pencils, acne medication and more.  Read more about Triclosan in Toothpaste…Say What?!

What to Buy After the Premium Starter Kit Young Living

What to Buy After the Premium Starter Kit: Young Living

The question of what to buy after you’ve explored and enjoyed your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living is one I often get asked. The world of Young Living can be very overwhelming and it can be hard to know what to buy after the Premium Starter Kit. I will be adding to this post shortly to include some of Young Living’s wonderful personal care and home care products, but for now, I’ll stick to the oils. Read more about What to Buy After the Premium Starter Kit: Young Living

Essential Oil For Clarity

The Best Essential Oil for Clarity and Mental Focus

Did you know that essential oils can help with clarity and mental focus?  All of us suffer from mental fogginess from time to time. Sometimes all we need is more sleep, or to upgrade our diet or exercise more. But what if that isn’t enough? There are other options, including essential oils. The best essential oil for clarity, particularly mental clarity, is a fantastic blend from Young Living called, appropriately, Clarity Blend.  This blend combines a number of oils useful for mental alertness and concentration, and is extremely useful for those times when you need a mental boost: before an exam, a job interview or while writing a paper. It is, of course, very useful for students of all ages.  It can be diffused with a diffuser, or can be used by dropping 2-3 drops on the soles of the feet or wrists. Read more about The Best Essential Oil for Clarity and Mental Focus

top ten uses for frankincense

Ten Uses for Frankincense Oil. You NEED This Oil!

Could frankincense essential oil be the most important and versatile essential oil in your collection? What are the uses of frankincense oil? Frankincense is one of the most ancient medicinal remedies known to man. It has a fascinating history in many religions, particularly Christianity, where it was believed to have been given as a gift to Jesus by the wise men. It is considered by many to be a particularly uplifting and clarifying oil. Read more about Ten Uses for Frankincense Oil. You NEED This Oil!