what the signs of gluten intolerance in women

Signs of Gluten Intolerance in Women

It seems gluten-intolerant is the latest dietary fad, and the number of new products catering to gluten intolerance grows every day. But what are truly the signs of gluten intolerance, particularly in women? The signs and symptoms are broad and often seem very general. Is gluten sensitivity a real thing? What does it mean to have an intolerance to gluten? And how might our bodies be responding to the prevalence of gluten in so many more products that in the past? Read more about Signs of Gluten Intolerance in Women

nutritional drink supplements

The Best Nutritional Drink Supplement? Yum!

I have been drinking 2 ounces of  Ningxia Red Whole Body Infusion for 30 days (ETA: it’s been 6 months now) and I’ve decided it’s definitely one of the best nutritional drink supplements I’ve used. My energy had been super low due to a variety of factors, and I decided to give this nutritional supplement a try in hopes it would help me out. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought the ingredients looked great.  As someone who has be REALLY. CAREFUL. about what she eats due to a chronic illness, the ingredients are clean and don’t affect my body negatively in any way. And it’s low in sugar!

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Is Crystal Light Bad for You

Is Crystal Light Bad for You?

So lately, some clients in my acupuncture practice have been asking me if Crystal Light is bad for them and if it contains toxins.They didn’t actually directly me ask me this –it actually came up in a more roundabout way, with the client not even thinking that drinking Crystal Light could be bad at all. In fact, more than a few people have told me  that they would ‘never drink soda’ but instead choose Crystal Light, because it’s “healthier”. Hmmmmm.

To be honest, I never had really given Crystal Light much thought–i mean, chemical flavor powder, amiright? But it’s surprisingly popular among dieters and diabetics because it has negligible calories and low sugar, and from what I understand, Western medical doctors seem to recommend Crystal Light as an alternative to soda. Maybe those of you who already know the outcome of this post (take a WILD guess!) could share it with a friend or family member who drinks Crystal Light–who knows, maybe they will ‘see the light’ LOL. So let’s see what’s wrong with Crystal Light, exactly. Read more about Is Crystal Light Bad for You?

is honey good for bees

Is Honey Good for Your Health and Body? What about Manuka Honey?

I admit it. I love honey. Not a lot, not all the time, but man, when I do treat myself to some raw organic honey on my toast or in my tea…yummmy.  But is honey good for your health and body? Is manuka honey better? And before we go any further….does buying honey help or harm honey bee populations? Let’s break this topic down a little. Read more about Is Honey Good for Your Health and Body? What about Manuka Honey?

The Most Ethical Dog Food

What is the Best Brand Dog Food? Some Reviews….

I have two rescue dogs and I am constantly trying to review what is the best brand dog food for them– I want high quality, non-GMO, yummy and ethically  dog food. Is that too much to ask?  Most dog foods, as you probably know, are basically garbage. The ingredients are mostly by-products and fillers and can really do a number on not only your dog’s health, but also your wallet, since dogs who eat poor quality food tend to have more health issues. Dogs who are fed poor-quality dog food also need to eat A LOT more of it to get the nutrition they need, so you end up buying more–which ends up costing more!! Read more about What is the Best Brand Dog Food? Some Reviews….

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

What about Fair Trade Organic Coffee?

What exactly is organic fair trade coffee? Does such a thing even exist? And if so, why should you choose it? How do you know for sure that your coffee really is “fair trade”? “Fair-trade”, when applied to coffee, means generally that the coffee is certified by a third party as having met certain standards of ethical and sustainable production.  So all you have to do to be sure you’re consuming ethical and fair trade coffee is to look for that special fair trade certification seal, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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List of Fake Olive Oil Brands

List of Fake Olive Oil Brands…

Ugh, this is so depressing. I was doing some research yesterday as I wanted to place an Amazon order for olive oil and couldn’t decide which one to buy…lo and behold,  I found a list of fake olive oil brands. And after further research found that, yes, it’s real and not some weird viral hoax. I wasn’t even really thinking this was a thing–I mean, extra-virgin should mean extra-virgin…right? Read more about List of Fake Olive Oil Brands…

Why is Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner Additive (TSP) in Food?

Trisodium phosphate cleaner (TSP) in food? Say it isn’t so!! A few months ago we were having dishwasher problems–it just wasn’t cleaning particularly well. A friend suggested trying running Trisodium Phosphate through it a couple of times. She warned me that Trisodium Phosphate was “really strong” and that I should make sure there was plenty of ventilation and to not let it touch my skin. Oooookay. Did not sound particularly safe!! So when I read a Facebook post that there is Trisodium Phosphate in many processed foods, I thought “well, that can’t be right!” But yep, it turned out to be true. Read more about Why is Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner Additive (TSP) in Food?