Fair Trade Organic Coffee

What about Fair Trade Organic Coffee?

What exactly is organic fair trade coffee? Does such a thing even exist? And if so, why should you choose it? How do you know for sure that your coffee really is “fair trade”? “Fair-trade”, when applied to coffee, means generally that the coffee is certified by a third party as having met certain standards of ethical and sustainable production.  So all you have to do to be sure you’re consuming ethical and fair trade coffee is to look for that special fair trade certification seal, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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List of Fake Olive Oil Brands

List of Fake Olive Oil Brands…

Ugh, this is so depressing. I was doing some research yesterday as I wanted to place an Amazon order for olive oil and couldn’t decide which one to buy…lo and behold,  I found a list of fake olive oil brands. And after further research found that, yes, it’s real and not some weird viral hoax. I wasn’t even really thinking this was a thing–I mean, extra-virgin should mean extra-virgin…right? Read more about List of Fake Olive Oil Brands…