Is Crystal Light Bad for You

Is Crystal Light Bad for You?

So lately, some clients in my acupuncture practice have been asking me if Crystal Light is bad for them and if it contains toxins.They didn’t actually directly me ask me this –it actually came up in a more roundabout way, with the client not even thinking that drinking Crystal Light could be bad at all. In fact, more than a few people have told me  that they would ‘never drink soda’ but instead choose Crystal Light, because it’s “healthier”. Hmmmmm.

To be honest, I never had really given Crystal Light much thought–i mean, chemical flavor powder, amiright? But it’s surprisingly popular among dieters and diabetics because it has negligible calories and low sugar, and from what I understand, Western medical doctors seem to recommend Crystal Light as an alternative to soda. Maybe those of you who already know the outcome of this post (take a WILD guess!) could share it with a friend or family member who drinks Crystal Light–who knows, maybe they will ‘see the light’ LOL. So let’s see what’s wrong with Crystal Light, exactly. Read more about Is Crystal Light Bad for You?