Phthalates Harmful Effects

Phthalates’ Harmful Effects : Household Cleaners

 Phthalates’ Harmful Effects

Phthlates are nasty ingredients: dangerous, toxic and endocrine disrupting. Plenty of harmful effects. It’s pretty amazing, when you think about it. All you want is for your house to be clean (or at least somewhat clean!) So off you go to your local grocery store to pick up some cleaning supplies: maybe some Comet, Fantastik, maybe some Windex.  You’re all set, right? Well…until you learn about phthalates and phthalates harmful effects on the body.

So let’s pause for just one moment here. How do you know if your house cleaners contain dangerous chemicals, such as phthalates? And what are phthalates, anyway? Read more about Phthalates’ Harmful Effects : Household Cleaners