Human Dignity & The Standing Rock Protests

Despite the media blackout, I hope most of you are aware of the protests currently taking place at Standing Rock in North Dakota. A bit of background: the Standing Rock Sioux and many other tribes from around the country are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project, which as proposed will pass along sacred burial sites and under Lake Oahe which is adjacent to Native American land. The pipeline could negatively affect the water supply and was re-routed from a primarily white area in Bismarck to the land adjacent to Native American land after the residents of Bismarck said they didn’t want the pipeline running through their backyard. If completed, the Dakota Access Pipeline would carry crude oil from the nearby Bakken oilfields where it is being fracked to Illinois, where it would meet an existing pipeline that would transport the oil to Texas. Read more about Human Dignity & The Standing Rock Protests