Build Your Own Young Living Starter Kit!

Did you know that you can actually build your own Starter Kit from Young Living, putting in exactly the items you want, and STILL get a 24% discount for that and every future order? It’s true!  This post explains how.

Let’s say you really want to give the new Savvy Minerals clean makeup a try, but you’re not a current member and don’t want to pay retail. All you have to do is join with a Basic Membership for $45, and then add any other products you’d like to your cart and voila! Your very own customized Starter Kit! I am posting images of how you might do this below:

Customize your Young Living Starter Kit

So you choose the “Basic Starter Kit” which includes the items outlined in the image above, and then just add any products you wish to your cart! Join Essential Rewards at the same time, spend at least 100 PV and you’ll get a free bottle of essential oil on your first order!

Young Living Essential Rewards

Not sure what you might want to put in your first order? Here are some suggestions:

  1. For the skin care obsessed, I recommend the ART skin care line. I have used ALL of these products with the exception of the toner, and they are wonderful.Young Living ART skincare
  2. For those of you who love makeup but hate all the nasty ingredients found in so many products, might I suggest the Savvy Minerals line? Young Living Savvy Minerals
  3. Are you a workout fanatic? Or maybe just trying to treat your body as a temple? Then try these healthy body products for your first order.
  4. Young Living Workout Warrior
  5. Trying to lose a bit of weight? A number of my members have had success with the Slique products, and one lost 11 pounds in just 3 weeks with no changes other than using the products!
  6. Do you live in Florida or another sunny state and are constantly on the hunt for toxin-free, effective sun block and insect repellent? Your search is over!
  7. Did you know that the entire Young Living Vitality line is suitable for ingestion and can be used when you cook? I absolutely LOVE these oils because I don’t need to have spices always at the ready. I can make lemonade without lemons, a delicious pasta sauce without oregano, rosemary or thyme (just use the oils!) and use the Einkorn pasta as my base–so yummy!!! Other great food products include the Einkorn granola, the Einkorn flour and the delicious Blue Agave as a natural sweetener. 


How To Order from Young Living

How to ORder from YOung LIving


It’s SUPER easy to do, but if you have any problems, just email Hillary at and she will help you out. Please remember to mark down your Username, your Password, and your 4-digit pin (you’ll need the pin if you call Young Living). Remember, by starting with a Basic Kit and adding products to your cart, you’ll get the same 24% off retail for an entire year that all members get; the difference is that you can customize your kit to put in whatever you want!

For those of you who are curious, here’s what I’d put in my very first customized Starter Kit if I had the knowledge then that I do now. And yes, I realize this would exceed the 100 pv minimum but that’s okay. Because trust me, you NEED all of these products.

  1. Frankincense 15 ml bottle
  2. Diffuser (they’re all amazing, but I’m partial to the Dew Drop)
  3. Ningxia Red dietary supplement drink with Wolfberry. Amazing anti-oxidant drink.
  4. Savvy Minerals Lipstick On a Whim color–omg.
  5. Release essential oil blend 15 ml bottle
  6. SheerLume skin lightening cream with Frankincense. This stuff is my Holy Grail for face lotion.
  7. Thieves Household Cleaner–the only cleaner in my entire house. Seriously. It’s that good.
  8. Thieves essential oil blend 15 ml bottle because you can never be without Thieves. Never ever ever.
  9. Citrus Fresh oil blend 15 m bottle
  10. Lavender essential oil 15 ml bottle because…Lavender. Need I say more? Da bomb.


Post Author: Hillary